I guess it's mostly movies or stuff that I've seen or that I'm watching (I don't post what I don't know), animals (cats galore), nature, funnies, the occasional songs and anything that makes me feel something....so like a regular blob. I am secretly fangirling about some things, but I try to keep myself together.

A girl is usually quiet, but if you have questions, it's right there.

I keep wanting to read David Duchovny’s name in French. I don’t speak French

i miss winterrrr

this is just a silly drawing but aww




maybe better than the original


i love cats so much every time i see a cat anywhere i try to get it to come to me and i point out every cat i see while i’m in a car and i talk about my cat all the time and think about other people cats i love cats


22-spot ladybird

Yes, please, Mulder


the great escape by EbruSidarPortrait


So much exploring to do, so little time.

so greeeeen